Munchkin CardsIf you like games where you can help and stab your friends in the back while earning something in return, this one is for you.

Munchkin is a card game where your goal is to reach level 10 no matter what. With simple mechanics and hilarious cards, it’s one of the best games to laugh, scream, fight and spend some real time with your friends or family.

I hope you do like this Munchkin Board Game Review as it is one of my favourites.

Munchkin Details

Munchkin Board GameName: Munchkin
Creator: Steve Jackson
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Year Published: 2001
Category: Cards
Number of Players: 3 – 6
Age: 10 and above
Play Time: 60 – 150 minutes
Learning Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Game Rules: Click here
Best Price: Check at Amazon


The game is actually a small package with 168 cards. Each card has a funny artwork and some information about what it does to the game. You manually count your levels with paper and pen or your own score markers.

Munchkin DeluxeIf you are like me and prefer to play with a board in front of you, Munchkin has a Deluxe version ($18.89 at Amazon). It comes with a board with dungeons in it, each one representing a level, 12 player markers with plastic stands (or, if you are lucky like me, you can receive six miniatures instead) and a six faced die.

The quality of the components are not great, but they do the job well.


Munchkin is the game I know that has the most number of expansions available. Last time I counted there was about 30, and they still release more expansions from time to time. Every expansion is thematic so that you can find The Walking Dead, Princesses or Kittens cards for example.

Every expansion adds a whole new level of gameplay and you’ll have to change your strategies against other players. They can add steeds, new races or classes you can play with. It actually looks like a completely different game and this is amazing.

Particularly I have 5 expansions, and as much as I play, I still find ‘new’ cards showing up.

Game Experience

It’s all about dungeons, monsters, and treasures. It’s the whole idea of an RPG (Role Playing Game), but without the role part. It has fast turns, but as the game develops, everyone goes up and down some levels, and it extends the duration of the match. I had matches that lasted just 1 hour but once one lasted almost 5. It all depends on how many people are playing, how skilled they are and how many expansions do you have.

Munchkin ComponentsYour goal is to reach level 10 and to do so you’ll have to kill monsters. Your strength is a combination of your current level plus any cards you have in play that gives you bonuses. The monsters have their own strength and will give you a level if killed plus a number of treasures that you can use to add a bonus to yourself, other monsters or other players.

The funny part here is that sometimes you can’t kill a monster alone and will ask for help from other players. These players can ask for treasures in return, but they can instead help the monster giving it potions, bonus or even adding more monsters to the fight. It’s hilarious how people will try to convince you to accept their help or how they will try to give you some trouble, and you manage to escape even stronger.

The dynamic of Munchkin constantly changes as there are curses that affect just one player or everyone else. Every turn something different happens, and the player that’s winning can be the last one.

It’s a must have in your collection, and I guarantee that winning or losing, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Interested? Buy it or read more reviews at Amazon.

As the high score here is always 10, I don’t track it. Instead, I track the time we play, and the longest one was 4:47. That was a loooong one.


Playing board games since I was 8, I created a passion for different styles such as Strategy, Cards, Family and Role Playing Games. My current favourite board games are Ticket to Ride, Tokaido and Rummikub.


  1. Awesome post, thanks so much for sharing! What would you say it’s similar to? Almost reminds me of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or even Dragon Ball-Z… I loved the information and it is very useful to me as i never knew about it before… thanks for bringing it to my attention and i’m excited to now go try it out soon with my girlfriend… i think this game would make for a great, relaxed date night!
    Thanks again!

    • Marcelo Reply

      Hi Dan,
      It’s really very similar to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh card games, but, in my opinion, with simpler rules.
      Just be careful when playing it with your girlfriend because if both of you are very competitive you can end up fighting hahaha.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. That game seems great. I love board games, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough friends who like board games. 😀

    Like Dan said, it reminds Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and I love both of those.

    • Marcelo Reply

      Hi Ken,
      These days it is hard to find friends that enjoy spending a very good time playing something they enjoy. It’s sad, but true. In any case you can find some of these games online to be played with other people. I did a post that you may be interested in: Play Free Board Games Online. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. This board game seems like so much fun. I’m a classic guy, love old school board games when haveing a drink with friends or even with my godson…monopoly, uno, the 4 horses etc…but I’m inclined to give this one a try. Great review!

    • Marcelo Reply

      Hi Axel, I bet you will really like this one. I’m also for the classics, but this one is something apart. I do recommend it.

  4. It seems like this game could end up being very competitive at times, depending on the people you decide to play it with. Well and finding the people that want to play it too. I love the illustrations on the cards, etc. Just awesome to see, although surprised that I had no idea about this board game. Must be getting old. Thanks for the awesome review

    • Marcelo Reply

      As much competitive people in the game, as much fun you have. Everyone fights, backstab and try to find new allies all the time. It’s incredibly fun. You should try it sometime.

  5. This game sounds like a lot of fun. I love games that are super involved and argumentative. My family loves playing this sort of game.

    • Marcelo Reply

      They really are! I just played it again and it never gets old! 🙂

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