Emergence Board Game BoxYou play Emergence in the future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes control and eliminate all the Humans from the Earth. Well, some of the Humans escape and form a rebellion against it.

In Emergence, you’ll have to fight as a Human to survive or as an AI to exterminate the remaining Humans from the planet.

The Human players all know each other, as they’re very few and to hide their real identities they use deception and persuasion. AI players have to use their deduction skills to identify other AI and Humans.

What is Emergence?

Emergence is a futuristic board game to 3 to 6 players where Artificial Intelligence fights against Humans.

Teamwork and cooperation are essential to discover who the Humans are. Spreading paranoia through all the players and making them trust each other less and less is the best a Human can do.

Emergence Board Game Details

During the game, players can gather resources in the form of raw or compiled data and have to declare at the beginning of each turn which type of augmentation they have: biological or mechanical. This decision will influence on how they can move in the hexagonal based board game and whom they can interact with.

These resources can be compiled into knowledge tokens, which in turn can be used to assimilate victory points for your team or to make individual actions

These variables make this game highly strategic because you have to think about what type of resource you can gather, where you can move and who you need to interact with. Every move has to be thoroughly made; otherwise, you’ll not be able to achieve any of your goals in that turn.

There are two ways of ending the game: if there are no more data blocks in the board, the Humans win the game, or one of the teams reach their required victory points by assimilating knowledge tokens.

Here’s a small review video from Just Got Played:


Emergence – Kickstarter Details

Emergence Board Game Details

The project is already more than three times founded, so if you back it, you’ll definitely get the game. Their initial goal was $10,000 and runs until 14th of April 2016.

You can grab one copy of the game from $39, and it’ll be shipped in September 2016.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the project.


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  1. Great reveiw. I especially like that you included the Kickstarter video. I have been a gamer off and on since the late 1970s and this one definitely caught my interest. I will be looking for it when it is finally released. This game definitely looks different than anything else I have played and I am intrigued.

    • Marcelo Reply

      Hello Sue. This really looks different. Looks like every turn you have to think about your strategy and adapt fast otherwise you’ll lose very important opportunities to score some points. It’s one to have in our collection.

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