The Red Dragon Inn Battle for GreyportThe Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport is a deck building game where you battle monster attacking your city. As you fight your way through the monsters, you recruit citizens straight from the tavern and scavenge items to give them to help you fight back.

Will you defeat the monsters or will they destroy your city? Run before it’s too late and join thousands of other people around the world already backing this Kickstarter game.

What is The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport?

It’s basically a deck building game for 2 to 4 players. With at least five different decks: Heroes, Items, Starting, Locations, and Curses, there are plenty of items to choose from.

What makes me pay attention to this game, in particular, is that instead of competing against each other, the players actually work together to expel all the monsters.

It also contains a great number of tokens and six damage dice.

How to Play The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport?

The Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport HeroesEach turn everyone can play a hero and use one item on it. After that, you all go out to find monsters, better items (or not) and then recruit more heroes to use in your attacks. Every raid will take place in a different place in the city.

The game has very simple mechanics and promises to be different every time you play it as you’ll have a good variety of monsters, scenarios, and heroes with different powers to play.


The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport – Kickstarter Details

This minimum available pledge that gives you a copy of the game is $40. It will also include all the stretch goals that are released during the Kickstarter project.

It’s another Kickstarter that has already achieved its goal, in this case $40,000, and its delivery date is around November 2016.

If you are interested and want to back the project (and receive a cheaper copy of the game), you can click on this link and go to the project page.


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  1. This looks very promising for me because I love these kind of games. I will first have to know more about it before commiting to it though. I just wanted to ask for what platform is this game? Is this game mobile or for PC or console?

    • Marcelo Reply

      It’s a fast paced card game with a number of different elements. I think you’ll like it. 🙂

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