Fog of LoveIt’s great to see how many exciting games are being kicked off with Kickstarter this year and for this Valentine’s Day another fascinating one will be launched: Fog of Love.

What is Fog of Love?

As the creators explain, it’s a game of twisted romantic comedy where your goal is to go through an initial date and progress deciding if the relationship will have any future and how it will end. It’s a strategy game to be played by two people, and it’s not one to help you know your partner better, but for having fun playing it.

How do you play it?

Each of you will play a different fictional character. As you progress, you get to know more and more about each one of these fictional characters. You’ll have to choose three secret traits, for example impulsive, manipulative and egocentric and an occupation. Then you have to choose three things you like about the other character and it will become a known trait. This known trait will give you some score on the board that will show the compatibility between both.

Finally, you choose a name for your character and draw the first card that will show you some options on how you first met. Each of you will choose one of these options and depending on how the answers fit together, you’ll get what’s called satisfaction points. These points are used to (guess what) show how satisfied you are in the relationship. Then you draw some cards that you’ll use to ask questions to your partner, and the answers will have to be accordingly to their traits. The answer will give more points to the compatibility board, which you’ll use to try to discover your partner’s secret traits.

These questions go on until you finish the four chapters of your history together. At the end of each chapter, you’ll have to choose from a limited set of cards you have which direction you want to take your relationship, and this will also dictate how your story will finish.

When, Where and How Much?

The game will go into Kickstarter on 14/Feb, and I’ll update you here with the link for the project, target value and expected release date.

So far you can subscribe to the official website to receive more information when it launches.

I liked the idea of Fog of Love and will probably back up the project to get a copy of it. Besides this article being almost a review, I’d like to do a proper one where I actually played the game. This would give me some insights, and I’ll be able to give my thoughts on how the game play feels and how’s the quality of the board game itself.

If you like to play a specific game with your partner, Valentine’s Day or not, tell me in the comments section about it. I may try it and do a review later with my experience.



It’s finally here.

I already backed the project. If you want to do the same (no, I don’t earn anything from it), you can follow this link.

The target value is $25,000. The minimum value to enable shipment is $39, which is a very fair price.


Playing board games since I was 8, I created a passion for different styles such as Strategy, Cards, Family and Role Playing Games. My current favourite board games are Ticket to Ride, Tokaido and Rummikub.


  1. Aiman Benkhadra Reply

    I love board games, and I’m trying to get my wife to get into them too! This one seems like a good one to try, thanks! My wife doesn’t like fictional games with monsters, zombies, magic and such, so one her and I like a lot is Pandemic! Have you played? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it! If you did, what did you think about it?

    I’ll definitely check out Fog of Love!

    • Marcelo Reply

      I have an agreement with a friend that we’d play Pandemic together when he comes to visit me. He’s making plans to do it, so I believe I’ll be able to play it and do a review very soon.
      Regarding Fog of Love, it’s really something to try to anyone interested or not in board games. It brings the game to the real life and is very practical. I’ll try it as soon as I get my hands on it.

  2. Peter Mantu Reply

    Hi there Marcelo,

    This is one game I would recommend to anyone looking to have fun this coming Valentines…I unfortunately don’t have a partner but I will definitely be sharing this with others. I only have 3 days to find someone 🙂 That’s a lot of pressure on me don’t you think? Anyways, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Valentines Day!

    • Marcelo Reply

      Haha. That’s a lot of pressure indeed. I’m glad you can always spend some time playing board games to get that stress out. 😉
      Good luck for you!

  3. Great game and post. The material is great and I enjoyed reading the post and might try this with my wife. Great post!

  4. This sounds like a fun and interesting game. Definitely something to have fun and lots of laughs with. I am interested in your take on the actual game and when you get it and play it for yourself. PS your site is pretty cool and fun!

    • Marcelo Reply

      Hi Jelsie, thanks!
      I’ll be writing a full review when I get it. It really looks amazing. 🙂

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